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November 03, 2012


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That is very reassuring, Kristin. I'm optimistic, I really am, but we're just in the pilot right now so the unknowns are everywhere.

That's good to hear, Kristin!

I'm on my third year of being evaluated with the Danielson Framework, with my third of three administrators evaluating me, and I have to say your fears are - from my experience - unfounded.

None of my administrators had a magical increase in free time to do such a rigorous evaluation of me, but they all felt it took priority over whatever else might have been on their to-do list, and they all gave me thoughtful, thorough, meaningful evaluations.

I'm in the largest middle school in the state. There are 65 teachers divided between three administrators who evaluate us. They do an excellent job.

I can't imagine my school is such an exception. I think administrators across the state will agree that this is a huge increase in the time and effort they put into evaluations, but I think they would almost all agree that it's time well spent.

I have the same concern, Mark. Which is why I think most administrators will give most teachers an overall score of "proficient," while giving one or two low sub-scores in the areas that the teachers could stand the most improvement.

I can live with that, but it's probably not what the legislature had in mind.

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