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Travis Wittwer | November 20, 2012





By Travis

Across America, teachers at various levels and subjects went online to read the results of their National Board certification process.

Congratulations! Washington has always done well as a state and this is because Washington is on course to making excellence in education a state-wide goal. 

Thank you to all of the teachers who pursued the NB process; thank you to the legislators who know that National Board certification stands for excellence in Washington; and thank you to the groups and people who support our teachers going through the process. 

It is a grueling and professionally taxing process.

I remember turning the National Board box in. I had reflected and analyzed my teaching practice so much that I was reluctant to mail off the NB box. Then I waited. For a few weeks, I still had NB on my mind, but summer came soon enough. And then, in September, I remembered and then waited until the last week of November. A grueling wait.

But worth every moment of waiting, and every moment of the process. The National Board process was the single greatest factor in my life as a teacher. The opportunities it opened, and the deep analysis of my practice are things that I will take with me until I retire.

Thank you Washington teachers!


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I have so much respect for this generation of NBCTS candidates, especially because they took this on without being confident in earning a stipend for their efforts.

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