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November 26, 2012


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Wouldn't it be great to be able to negotiate every evaluation term and ask for the raise and the bonus you thought you deserved?

Ahhhhh. That would be nice. But for teachers, it's just a tragic joke.

Although I've spent my entire adulthood in education, I've heard about other jobs. And from what I understand, when people become significantly better at those jobs they get paid more. That's how it works. I've never been a big fan of performance pay in education, mostly because I've never seen a performance pay model that takes into account the totality of what it means to teach.

I believe NB certification is different. To certify, you have to meet ten to 15 different standards that encompass everything you do.

When a study comes out like the one I cited above, it gives credence to the notion that NBCTs make a difference. It adds statistical evidence to what most NBCTs already know.

Thank you for squishing these numbers! Arizona is REALLY getting a bargain, then. Every district is different in compensation for NBCT's. Some offer absolutely no extra compensation. Some offer it, but only for a year or two. I can tell you that in my next job search, I will be looking to see which districts reward teachers who take on and succeed at the NBCT challenge. For selfish reasons, of course. However, I now understand that an NBCT stipend is also a statement about how much a district values quality teaching and quality professional development.

All right! Let's get that message across.

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