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Mark Gardner | November 18, 2012

Welcome new NBCTs!


UnknownYesterday, Saturday November 17th was "score release day" for NBPTS certification candidates-in-waiting.

Some teachers will open their NBPTS profile to a message of congratulations, others will have to dust themselves off and think about whether to bank scores and attempt to give it another go.

Either way, in my opinion, any teacher who participates in the process should come out the other side having grown. There are always naysayers and exceptions both good and bad, of course, but going through the kind of self-assessment and close examination of practice that is demanded of the NBPTS certification process no doubt pays dividends.

To those of you who now can post those four letters after your name, congratulations and welcome. For those who read and post here--what has pursuing or earning National Board Certification meant to you, your practice, your students and your school?


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Congrats, Pezz!! It's been fun having you in our little on-line community. As I posted lasted week, NB certification was one of the best things I ever did. I hope you find it to be the same.

Congrats drpezz!

I think that the attention to reflection is no small part of the process. For me, certifying opened up many doors at many levels to exert professional influence to help advance the profession in a variety of ways. I've had so many opportunities for further growth, learning, and experience as a result of the connections I have made through the NBCT community. Some people see it as crossing a finish line--but for me it was really about opening a door--and it is the best thing I could have ever done for my practice and my students.

I just received word of my passage this weekend. Yeah! :)

I'm not sure that the NBCTS process altered my teaching in a large way, but the process did highlight the importance of how data is used why certain activities take place in a classroom. The reflective pieces should be innate pieces of any teacher's practice but is all too often neglected in the hectic day-by-day survival mode of many teachers.

The fringe benefit is inspiring others to take on the challenge. Having more colleagues see this as a viable and beneficial process can't necessarily be measured, but it does have an effect. Plus, the building staff has a number of people who can now act as leaders and mentor others.

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