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December 31, 2012


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A great way to get myself in the right mindset for going back to school in 2013--thank you!

Your last big paragraph, about the critical mass, made me think of something too: I feel like sometimes that SOME teachers "act" more stressed, upset, frustrated, etc., than they really are when you actually probe a little bit. I wonder if some of that show isn't perpetuated because sometimes we feel like that is the face we're supposed to put up...?

This is a great post that gives us all reasons to invest in what matters most: the people and the traits that will keep us all focused on the best. It reminds me about what Atul Gawande writes about in Better: involve those affected in crafting solutions...the related actions are most likely to be implemented by people who are invested in and closest to any situation. This is good news for teacher leaders... You are making a positive impact!.

Perfect post for the New Year. Some advice you noted that I will take to heart: "If I get tired or frustrated, I turn to what we're doing and try to make it exciting for kids."

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