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January 02, 2013


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Tom's point is valid... but your argument makes sense, Maren. It raises bigger questions, about assessments (period) and what counts, what doesn't, and why. What do science teachers believe is the best solution? Is anyone asking that question?

My guess is that Olympia would be concerned that de-linking the biology EOC from graduation might lead some students to blow it off completely. In other words, biology alone isn't as good as integrated science, but it's better than nothing.

Ms. Johnson, Good points all. It is absolutely crazy making that this move towards biology-all-the-time instruction is taking place. This is an example of education policy being driven by the cynical politics of teacher accountability, i.e. science teachers must be held accountable even if it means that students suffer, science education suffers and the long range goals of producing more science types for our economic needs suffers. Talk about biting off your nose to spite your face. And in five, ten, fifteen years when we still don't have enough scientists and engineers, the powers that be can all wring their hands and wonder how to get more kids interested in science. SHeeeeshhhhhh.

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