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Maren Johnson | National Board Certification, Professional Development, Science, Weblogs | January 6, 2013

Writing about Teaching


Way back, when I signed up to be a teacher, and a science teacher at that, I never imagined the amount of writing I was going to be doing. Yes, I expected to write some curriculum, student assessments, and the like, but I never really contemplated writing about teaching.

Mark Gardner | Assessment, Education, Games, Life in the Classroom, Literacy, Web/Tech, Weblogs | May 7, 2010

Tech Guru, Tech Skeptic


Ibm_pc-jr  By Mark

I've inadvertently, and inexplicably, become a guru of sorts. I sometimes feel like I barely have myself figured out--but nonetheless, my willingness to experiment with technology and use it in my instruction has led other to seek me out for advice. The dirty little secret? Most the time those confident answers I offer are simply my willingness to offer conjecture and speak it with authority--I have no special training to back it up other than the time I spend on my own just playing with these "cool toys." 

The dirtier little secret? When it comes to incorporating technology into the classroom, I may be computer savvy and a digital native, but more than that I'm a technology skeptic.

Too often, when I see technology for the classroom, I only see ways to go the long way about accomplishing a goal which could have reasonably been accomplished "the old-fashioned way." (Full disclosure: I'm a 31-year-old education blogger who came of age with the I may be entering my curmudgeonly years a little early.)  

Travis Wittwer | Teacher Leadership, Web/Tech, Weblogs | June 20, 2009

Why Don't All Teachers Blog?


Picture 2 by Travis

Why don't all teachers blog? It seems reasonable to think that a great many do. Teachers like to share and the internet allows for such ease in sharing. However, I wonder how pervasive teacher blogs are.

Travis Wittwer | Assessment, Books, Current Affairs, Education, Education Policy, Elementary, Life in the Classroom, Literacy, Mathematics, Mentoring, National Board Certification, Parent Involvment, Professional Development, Teacher Leadership, Web/Tech, Weblogs | February 7, 2009

Stories from School now on Twitter!

Picture 1 

Do you want to receive your Stories from School posts through Twitter? Now you can . . . . 

Travis Wittwer | Web/Tech, Weblogs | October 11, 2008

The Bells & Whistles of this Blog



Yes, the bloggers on Stories from School: Policy Meets Practice are wonderful. Yes, the posts are a great mix of classroom practice and state policy. But you want to get more? Excellent. Are you aware of common blog features? Read on to get the most from Stories from School.